Reliable Tree Removal in Alum Creek, WV

Fast & Efficient Tree Removal

At Wesley Kirk Tree & Shrubbery Service, we know that while trees can be beautiful, sometimes you need to remove them. Whether you are trying to build a structure or an addition, or you just need a tree removed for aesthetic purposes, we remove trees quickly so you do not have to wait. Contact us today if you have a tree you need us to remove at (304) 756-3867.

Easy Stump Removal from Wesley Kirk Tree & Shrubbery Service

When you cut down a tree, the stump is often the most difficult part to remove. Sometimes, you can just leave it there to rot away, but when you cannot wait, call the experts at Wesley Kirk Tree & Shrubbery Service. We can remove the stump immediately if you need us to, allowing you to use the area quicker. Even if we did not cut the tree down, you can still call us to remove any stump from your property.

Shrubbery Removal Services

Shrubs can make your home look beautiful and elegant, but when they get overgrown or they start to show their age, you may just want to remove them completely. When you need a single shrub or multiple shrubberies removed. Wesley Kirk Tree & Shrubbery Service should be your first call. We will make you an appointment that works with your schedule and we will get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

24-Hour Emergency Services

When a tree falls on or near your property, call the experts at Wesley Kirk Tree & Shrubbery Service at any time of day, any day of the week. We will be there for you immediately to remove the fallen tree. We specialize in close quarters trimming and felling, so if part of the tree is still in the ground or it fell very close to your home, you can trust us to remove it without further damaging your property. Call us today if you need to take advantage of our emergency services at (304) 756-3867.